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Best Mega Millions Promotions & Special Offers

If you're looking for Mega Millions tickets online, there are some great promotional special offers to be had. As a lottery comparison site, we’ve highlighted the best lottery sites to play Mega Millions available in the UK right now.

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Best Value Lotteries

Winning the lottery is often imagined in light of the ones offering mega jackpots, such Euro Millions, Mega Millions and Powerball. Jackpots offered these popular lotteries are incredibly alluring but we must remember that our odds of winning are also tiny. In terms of actual probabilities of winning, particularly the grand prize, these huge lotteries are out performed by more modest one. With so many options to wager on, and several new ones entering the market all the time, it’s gets difficult as to where your money will perform most efficiently.

There are several ways to look at your winning odds. We have to consider overall odds, the odds of winning the jackpot and finally, which lotteries offer the best chance of return on your investment. Out top recommendation for UK players to enjoy the best lottery odds is by playing in a Wshful syndicate


Overall prize odds

The French Lotto, held biweekly each Wednesday and Saturday, offers the best overall odds of 1 in 6 of all the regular lotteries. Having said that, the yearly Summer El Gordo in Spain has overall odds of winning of 1 in 3. Interestingly, El Gordo’s weekly offering occupies the number 3 spot in terms of overall odds. Here are the top 10 overall prize odds for lotteries held on a weekly or biweekly basis:

  1. Francaise des Jeux (France), 1:6
  2. Lotto 6/49 (Canada), 1:6.6
  3. El Gordo (Spain), 1:10
  4. The National Lottery (UK), 1:9.3
  5. Lotto 6 aus 45 (Austria), 1:12
  6. Euro Millions (Europe), 1:13
  7. Mega Millions (United States), 1:14.7
  8. Powerball (United States) 1:25
  9. Euro Jackpot (Europe) 1:26
  10. Lotto 6 aus 49 (Germany), 1:31


Jackpot odds

Let’s be honest; most of us are here for the big prize. 5 or 10 prizes are welcomed but the majority of players are taking part with big dreams in the hearts. Massive jackpots and huge prize pools are all good, but the odds of winning can at times seem unattainable. But Poland’s Mini Lotto is much more humble with a jackpot with just 850,668:1 odds of winning for a ticket price which is the most competitive across Europe: only 25p! Here are the lotteries offering the best jackpot odds:

  1. Mini Lotto (Poland) 1:850,668
  2. Svenska Spel (Sweden) 1:6,724,520
  3. Monday & Wednesday Lotto (Australia) 1:8,145,060
  4. Saturday Lotto (Australia) 1:8,145,060
  5. Lotto 6 aus 45 (Austria), 1:8,145,060
  6. The National Lottery (Ireland) 1:10,737,573
  7. 6/49 Polish Lotto 1:13,983,816
  8. Lotto 6/49 (Canada), 1:13,983,816
  9. La Francaise des Jeux (France) 1:19,068,840
  10. El Gordo (Spain) 1:31,625,100

We should also point out that cash raffles in the UK generally have better odds than many of these lotteries, especially if you play at Odurn who have better odds than the likes of Raffolux or Thisisthewant.

Ticket prices

Ticket prices can play a defining role in establishing what lotteries are worth the investment. For example, both US mega lotteries offer similar average jackpots, but Powerball tickets are $2 while the ones for Mega Millions are $1. With very similar jackpot odds (MegaMillions 1:258,890,850 and Powerball 1:292,201,338), buying 2 Mega Millions tickets instead of one Powerball more than doubles your chances versus opting for Powerball.  Here are the ticket prices for the 5 main lotteries mentioned in the lists above:

  1. Euro Million €2.50, £2.50
  2. The National Lottery £2
  3. La Francaise des Jeux 2€
  4. Powerball $2
  5. Mega Millions $1


Best value by ticket

With a ticket price 25p for a regular game at the Mini Lotto — offering jackpot odds of 1:850,668 — while 60p with set you in the race for a 7 figure grand prize at their 1:57 overall odds’ 6/49 game, Poland appears to be the clear winner as to where to wager your lottery money, over all European, Australian and North American games.