EuroMillions Lottery Superdraw - £100m Jackpot 7th June 2019

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It’s the news all lottery players have been waiting for! The next Euro Millions Superdraw has been announced for Friday 7th June. It’s been over four months since the last Superdraw jackpot that generated huge interest after rolling over 5 times to reach an incredible £144m jackpot! Make sure you don’t miss out ad get your tickets early, and look out for special offers including a great half-price offer from our favourite Euro Millions syndicate site

Best Strategy to win the Euro Millions

As you’d expect with such a large prize, the odds of winning the jackpot are a long-shot! Around 140 million to one in fact. So how do you reduce these odds? The simple answer is to buy more entries, as for each additional entry you have, the greater our chance of winning. The problem with this is that your costs start to multiply.

The solution that many people use is to join an online lottery syndicate, where you get numerous chances to win. Take Wshful, our favourite online lottery syndicate, you get a minimum of 5 chances for each and every Euro Millions draw. But it’s not just Euro Millions lottery, they also give you access to the best American lotteries Powerball and Mega Millions, where the jackpots are regularly in excess of £100m. Whilst it’s usually difficult to purchase US lottery tickets and claim the winnings, Wshful do it all for you!

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