Odurn Review - Is Odurn Legit? Handbag competitions

Odurn Review

You may have noticed an increase in companies offering luxury prizes in the form of a raffle, with houses, cars, watches, gadgets and almost everything else now available win for just a couple of quid. One of these sites is Odurn, but it has a slight difference, it focuses on fashion items, and in particular handbags.

Is Odurn a legit raffle?

So is Odurn legit? The short answer is yes! They are a trustworthy brand offering one of the fairest raffles around, with a limited number of entrants for their weekly handbag raffle. Prior to Odurn, Arm Candy were offering a weekly handbag raffle, but didn’t cap the number of entrants, meaning that your odds of winning were very slim.
Not only do Odurn cap the number of entrants each week, they are also cheaper than many of their competitors, with entry starting at just £2. If you compare this to Thisisthewant, it’s approx. half the price, and you have better odds of winning given that this is the want have a higher number of minimum entrants.
The choice of prizes is also better at Odurn, as you can choose from over 100 handbags, where as Thisisthewant stipulate the bag that is available to win, which is fine if you like that bag, but if it’s not your dream bag then it’s another reason why Odurn is a better option in our opinion.

Is there anything not to like about Odurn?

It must be said that the only area Thisisthewant beats Odurn is the runner-up prizes, as they offer the opportunity to win up to £250 in site credit as a consolation prize. But given the better all-round value and odds offered by Odurn this is a small consolation.
There are a couple of other raffle sites offering handbags, with Raffolux being the best option. However, handbag raffles are few and far between with Raffolux, as they tend to offer prizes which are more male focused.
To conclude, we highly recommend Odurn. They are very transparent with their winners, posting the on You Tube so you can clearly see the bags are genuine. They also invest heavily in a number of trust factors, such as using a third party company called Prize Shark to conduct their draws, as well as using professional presenters to present their live winner show on Facebook, and to deliver the prizes to winners. In short, Odurn is our favourite raffle site. Click here to visit.