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Raffolux Review – Luxury online raffle site

Raffolux has quickly become a firm favourite for those looking to win prizes including cash for as little as £1. Wit ha range of prizes available to win every day, ranging from cash, cars, luxury tech and more, there really is something for everyone.

Raffolux quickly built a reputation by making generous donations to charity whilst also offering consumers good odds, with as much as 80% of the entry money going towards the prize pool. However, in recent months, Raffolux has greatly reduced the odds on their raffles, and now less than half the entry money forms the prize pool. This has seen many disgruntled players look for new competition sites to play at, with Odurn being our preferred choice for those looking for value, honesty, and great prizes.
There is no doubt the prizes at Raffolux are great, with prestigious cars such as Range Rovers and Mercedes up for grabs, as well as cash competitions too. Our only complaint is the change in pricing which means customers are not getting the same value as when Raffolux first started back in 2019.

Is Raffolux fair and legit?

This is a competition that crops up a lot amongst all competition and raffle sites. We have to say that Raffolux is one of the most trustworthy out there as they offer some of their bigger prizes during live draws so you can see the draw process. The pick winners between an independent random number generator service, or a lottery style machine for live draws. Unfortunately this process looks slightly amateurish, but knowing Raffolux’s commitment to success we expect them to put this right in the near future.

Many of the complaints about whether Raffolux is fair or not stem from disgruntled customers who don’t win. Unfortunately, as with any raffle, the majority of entrants will lose, and Raffolux can’t be blamed for this. They do put a limit of a maximum number of tickets a single player can purchase of around 10%, which we think is fair and good practice.

Raffolux summary

Overall Raffolux is a safe site, with good prizes, but poor odds. There are better alternatives out there. If you are looking for cars specifically, then the value and choice at Dream Car Giveaways is much better. If you are looking for a better option for Raffolux when it comes to cash prizes, tech prizes and other luxury items, then Odurn is a much better value for money option, as all tickets are just £1, and they have lower numbers of entrants meaning you have much better chances of winning.