There’s safety in numbers, or better yet, there’s power in numbers. This quirky play on words of the famous saying is particularly true when it comes to lotteries, and this is where syndicates shine.


What’s a lottery syndicate?

Lottery syndicates are groups of players who pool their money together in order to purchase lottery tickets. This is usually performed for one lottery but some syndicates play across numerous games. The syndicate members share the ticket costs, and are therefore able to buy into a greater number of lines than they would as a solo player. The more tickets played, the better the winning odds; syndicates are therefore a great way for players to increase their chances of winning. Our top recommendation for playing lottery syndicates is at Wshful.

Lottery syndicates are not only more rewarding financially, but also incorporate a social element to taking part in lotteries… Celebrating a lotto win with fellow winners, there is a lot to be said about that!


Famous lottery syndicates

Some of the largest lottery jackpots have been won by syndicates, including the record-breaking $656 million jackpot in the Mega Millions lottery by the Three Amigos syndicate.

Three Amigos

Undoubtedly, the most famous lottery syndicate of all time is the ‘Three Amigos,’ an American lottery syndicate who claimed one third of the Mega Millions $656 million jackpot, a record at the time. In March 2012, three co-workers at the Maryland’s public education system each put in $20 to buy a total of 60 lottery tickets. The result was a staggering $218.6 million prize! There were 3 tickets with the same winning number, so the total $656 million prize was split into three.

Oceans 16

With a name lifted from a famous film themed on casino heists, there’s no doubt the people of Oceans 16 had the eyes set on large piles cash. And it worked. On August 7, 2013, the group of 16 colleagues from New Jersey’s Ocean County Department of Vehicle Services found themselves to be in possession of one of the 3 winning tickets to the $448 million Powerball jackpot, resulting in a cool $149 million for the gang!

12 Bus Drivers

The UK also has some great lottery syndicate stories. Amongst them is the endearing story of 12 Northamptonshire bus drivers struggling to make ends meet. On March 2013, members of the Corby group each received £3.1 million after winning the £38 million EuroMillions jackpot! One of the drivers is even rumored to have walked away from his bus in mid-shift upon learning the amazing news.


Syndicate Tool

The truth about syndicating your lottery activities can be a complicated and time-consuming task. It involves collecting money, purchasing tickets and checking results on a weekly basis. For this purpose, Syndicate Tool has developed some solutions for those looking to simplifying the process.

Syndicate Tool developed an application specifically to help you built and easily maintain your syndicate(s) and therefore easing a lot of the aggravation involved with the process allowing you to enjoy playing the lottery stress free. Syndicate Tool also purchases tickets from the National Lottery for you, thus providing a complete one-stop solution for a group of lottery players.

The Syndicate Tool advantages:

  • Instant overview of your syndicates and tickets
  • Purchases tickets
  • Each member of their lottery syndicate can easily follow the process online
  • Customise your syndicate structure
  • Provides a written legally binding agreement to be used amongst the members of your syndicate
  • Setup and automate the payment process for all members
  • Get rid of paperwork. Everything is kept online.
  • Receive instant notifications when you win
  • Join an already active syndicate
  • It’s free

Overall, Syndicate Tool provides a fantastic and free solution for something that could be the source of many arguments, headaches and distrust. It makes the process clear and simple as well as user-friendly. Using Syndicate Tool only makes sense.

Another alternative to participating in a lottery syndicate is to play cash raffles instead. Whilst jackpots are lower, they do offer better odds typically than playing in a lottery by yourself or buying single tickets. If this is of interest, we recommend Odurn, who offer the best odds currently in the UK.